Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rainy day

Just finished studied... PMR remains 4 day....

Tonight is rainy day again...It give me the feel of miss, lonely and abit pity....

Remember wht u told me... rainy day will give u the feel to get someone to be with you and enjoy it...
Actly im also... When rainy day, hope to hug by my lover and enjoy the view...The natural view... looking at the plants which are being wet by the rain water.... enjoy the wind....

Suddently ... I miss you....

Hmm..... It is late... time to sleep.......Goodnight all...~

Monday, September 20, 2010

Im just starting...XD

WOW~ PMR remain 14 days?? haha....

OMG lo.... not yet revise....8A?? Sure aim it bah...=]

ERm................... just... try my best to get the 8A back..
+ oil +oil...

after PMR i will fly fly fly and fly...
you are getting nearer v me... wee~~~~~``

Monday, September 13, 2010

Have a feeling, want to update my blog... but... nothing to say.. actly is a lot, just i dnt knw how to share...

" I miss you " three word is not easy to say out..
after say it, should responsible on it...

I dnt dare to think too much.. to hope or wish too much..

really fear with the word..."disapointed"
starting to scare ...><"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I dnt dare to wish what..
Dnt dare to promise wht..

because i fear v tht... i scare the feel of disappointed...

But.... i will wait while im spending my life...~~!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



害怕 有时候一句问候也变成打扰。。






Monday, September 6, 2010


Today woke up early .. 7.20am.. then went out v family.. Feel sleepy..zz.. when back home, 9am something, str8 sleep.... until 3pm....

Actly am I really tired? sleepy ? or im just borrow sleep this word to forget something, to spend the time, to stp thinking!!

Huh??! when can i stop it? Im trying trying and TRYING to forget all~!~!!

Telling my self..~
Im fine~
Im happy~
Im OKay!!

but... am I???

How about him??

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Starting my new life!

Grace is back.. freedom is back...
just enjoy my life with all my friends...

thank to who care me ...!!~~!! thank!!

I will be ok~ im fine!!

Im happy ~~


Im just a person who acc you to past a short period in ur life

4months for me... enjoy it with you.. actly not really.. just 3 months.. the remain 1 month is wht u give me.. the lesson!

1month i stand there..actly i knw it early since 1 month before.. i choose to lie my self.. "Is ok.. just because he is no mood today...........Is ok, all will be fine.......... Is ok, maybe he is busy now....Is ok....Is ok..........."

Lastly, i knw the truth!! Stil need wait until November?? u say want then want? dnt want then dnt want? wht am i? TOY??~~

Huh?!! is ok... im just a person who acc u to past ur time..i just knw tht... you let me to taste the sweetest , let me to taste the pain too!...

HURT is wht I give you? tht 1 really need to ask your self.. for me.. i knw i dnt have did anythign which betray you which hurt u until cnt recover..

Is ok... Im ok... now.... WITHOUT YOU im stil Grace..i will learn to put you down..because..u did it edi!!

I feel sad... tear drop izit worth?? i will try my best..
I love you.. but.... i must put u down..
because i love my self more!! if u love me .. u will find me..! if u love me... then all for me it is worth.. but are you??

I let you believe love once.. you let me fear with love

Without him.. Im stil my self...

Past let it past.. although i really cnt put u down easily.because im really fall in love with u, but exchange back is wht? You let me disapointed with you.. I feel im a toy.. when u need it.. u will play.. if not.. just left behind...not i want give u up..i stand for 1 month..lastly is u give up ur self not me..! you give up us~

Those memories i will keep it inside my heart deepest place.. I wont forget it.. Tht really sweet for me.. but als really hurt me! Until now, i stil dnt knw wht happen yet.. the reason u dnt have say to me..I knw tht i no need ask, u wont say it.. you can put me down tht easy, mean tht im not as important as i think for u.. Or maybe because time past already, u get use with me.. and dnt feel im here..

Izit really need wait until a day u loss it then just u will apreciate wht we have??

Thanks for you.. to let me have a lesson of this.. not mean u treat a person good, he wil treat u as u did..I will remember this, and wont have a relationship like this again~

I cnt put down u easily.. but i will try.. because u did it alrdy...
You love u stay, u dnt love u leave..
tht is you..until now.. im stil here... dnt leave, just because 1 reason.. i knw u knw.. no need say out~