Sunday, September 5, 2010

Im just a person who acc you to past a short period in ur life

4months for me... enjoy it with you.. actly not really.. just 3 months.. the remain 1 month is wht u give me.. the lesson!

1month i stand there..actly i knw it early since 1 month before.. i choose to lie my self.. "Is ok.. just because he is no mood today...........Is ok, all will be fine.......... Is ok, maybe he is busy now....Is ok....Is ok..........."

Lastly, i knw the truth!! Stil need wait until November?? u say want then want? dnt want then dnt want? wht am i? TOY??~~

Huh?!! is ok... im just a person who acc u to past ur time..i just knw tht... you let me to taste the sweetest , let me to taste the pain too!...

HURT is wht I give you? tht 1 really need to ask your self.. for me.. i knw i dnt have did anythign which betray you which hurt u until cnt recover..

Is ok... Im ok... now.... WITHOUT YOU im stil Grace..i will learn to put you down..because..u did it edi!!

I feel sad... tear drop izit worth?? i will try my best..
I love you.. but.... i must put u down..
because i love my self more!! if u love me .. u will find me..! if u love me... then all for me it is worth.. but are you??

I let you believe love once.. you let me fear with love

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