Sunday, September 5, 2010

Without him.. Im stil my self...

Past let it past.. although i really cnt put u down easily.because im really fall in love with u, but exchange back is wht? You let me disapointed with you.. I feel im a toy.. when u need it.. u will play.. if not.. just left behind...not i want give u up..i stand for 1 month..lastly is u give up ur self not me..! you give up us~

Those memories i will keep it inside my heart deepest place.. I wont forget it.. Tht really sweet for me.. but als really hurt me! Until now, i stil dnt knw wht happen yet.. the reason u dnt have say to me..I knw tht i no need ask, u wont say it.. you can put me down tht easy, mean tht im not as important as i think for u.. Or maybe because time past already, u get use with me.. and dnt feel im here..

Izit really need wait until a day u loss it then just u will apreciate wht we have??

Thanks for you.. to let me have a lesson of this.. not mean u treat a person good, he wil treat u as u did..I will remember this, and wont have a relationship like this again~

I cnt put down u easily.. but i will try.. because u did it alrdy...
You love u stay, u dnt love u leave..
tht is you..until now.. im stil here... dnt leave, just because 1 reason.. i knw u knw.. no need say out~

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  1. everythg was a sorry i didnt tel u...everything i told him all was fake...i was trying to catch wat was he doing ...and i noe he wanted u!!im sorry...but i just want to tel u tat..i stil mis n love u ...nvm..all had passed